Wedding Quiz

What is your favourite season?

1. Spring
2. Summer
3. Autumn
4. Winter

Where is your dream romantic place?

1. An authentic majestic castle where you feel like a royalty
2. In a forest with a mystic lake
3. On a wild island
4. A place with beautiful nature, but not very crowded
5. On a volcano crater
6. On a place with a delicious cuisine
7. Somewhere you can enjoy the Northern Lights
8. Swimming in a crystal clear water with white sands and sunshine blue skies

What you really enjoy to eat?

1. Noodles
2. Pizza
3. Tapas
4. Sea food
5. Meat
6. Spicy food
7. Sweets and deserts

Which continent you prefer / would like to visit?

1. Europe
2. Africa
3. Asia
4. Antarctica

Where would you like to live?

1. In a city in the middle of a continent
2. In a town on the seaside
3. On an island
4. In a mountain area
5. Near a lake
6. The rain makes me feel so romantic
7. Where the weather is a little bit chilly and fresh
8. Where is warm I can enjoy the sunshine everyday

What kind of people you would like to meet?

1. Friendly and humble people from tribes
2. People with interesting culture and different religion
3. Dark skinned people / Afro-Americans
4. Flirting men / beautiful women
5. Blond with blue eyes
6. Hot Latinos
7. Sweet Asians

How you imagine your perfect day?

1. On a sunshine beach under a coconut tree
2. On a pool party with refreshing cocktails
3. In the mountain on a cool weather with green grass and fresh waterfalls
4. In an ice glacier cave
5. In a pub drinking cool beers
6. In a fine dining restaurant with wonderful menu a la card
7. Enjoying an excellent wine selection
8. Surfing or other water sports
9. All day sailing on a yacht or a boat or a canoe

All 7 questions completed!

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Wedding Quiz

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