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Bora Bora

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The wedding can take place on Sunset Motu, in a chapel, on a coral beach, on a catamaran OR on a private beach.

Wedding Packages

•  The wedding packages don’t include hotels, plane tickets or primary transfers.

•  The prices of the wedding packages are for the couple only.

•  To make the reservation for the wedding and to we need 50 % of the total price of the wedding.

•  Bora Bora is an amazing destination for legal weddings, symbolic weddings, vow renewals and gay weddings.

Wedding Requirements & Documents

The local Town Hall in Vaitape requires that you provide the following documents:


• Proof of identity of both future spouses (copy of passports)

• Proof of residence for both future spouses (i.e. electricity bill invoice)

• If applicable, certificate of publication and non-opposition to marriage*, issued by a French consulate or a foreign authority

• Customary or capacity to be legally married certificate, also called affidavit of custom law*

• Full certified copy of the birth certificate* of both future spouses (the certificates must have been issued less than six months prior to the ceremony)


If applicable, the following special documents will also be requested:


• Death certificate* of the former spouse for widows or widowers

• Divorce decree if one of the spouses was previously married

• Marriage contract* or notary certificate, if the spouses have drawn up a marriage contract


Please note: these documents must be translated into French by an approved official translator and authenticated in conformity with the provisions applicable to the spouses’ country of origin.


Additional Details


Both spouses:

• Must be at least 18 years of age

• Cannot be already married

• Cannot be domiciled in France or any other French Territory.


The bride and groom should each choose witnesses – at least one each, but no more than two – who are 18 years of age or over. Witnesses can also be provided locally.




The duly completed file, including all the listed documents, must be sent to us no later than 100 days prior to the chosen wedding date.




Once the file is completed and handed over, the banns will be called and notice of the forthcoming marriage will be posted at the Town Hall, at least 10 days prior to the ceremony.



On the wedding day, the future spouses, guests and witnesses will be taken by boat to attend the ceremony in the Town Hall of Vaitape. The Mayor (or one of his delegates) will conduct the ceremony in the presence of two witnesses, and, if required, in the presence of a certified translator/ interpreter convened by the Mayor prior to the ceremony. The ceremony will be held in public, with the doors of the Town Hall remaining open at all times. After the marriage ceremony, a French Family Record Book (Livret de Famille) will be given over to the spouses to keep. This record book will allow the spouses to prove that a wedding ceremony was held.




The spouses are responsible for contacting their national authorities to determine how a French marriage must be recorded under their country’s laws and regulations.




• A private luxury boat round trip to Vaitape (up to 12 people)

• A bottle of Champagne for the bride and groom to enjoy on their way back to the Resort

• Assistance from the wedding planners handling legal papers

• A translator fee for the ceremony

Wedding Extras



• Bridal bouquet

• Bridesmaid Bouquet

• Sprinkled hibiscus and orchids

• Men’s boutonniere • Wrist corsage • Flower Lei • Presidential flower lei • Flower crown • Flower-girl basket with mixed flowers • Bath flowers • Wedding arch (natural wooden look) • Wedding arch (with tulle and flowers) • Flower arrangement



• Wedding cake for two (in-room) • Bottle of Champagne • Ultimate romantic dinner for two on the beach • Romantic dinner for two (in-room) • Private Motu dinner • Canoe breakfast


Photo Packages

• 50-photo package
• 100-photo package
• 150-photo package
• 200-photo package
• Video of the ceremony (3-hour package)


Spa and Beauty

• Manicure (50 minutes)

• French manicure (50 minutes)

• Pedicure (50 minutes)

• French pedicure (50 minutes)

• 120-minute hair and makeup (simple bridal updo + natural makeup + dressing of the bride)

• 180-minute hair and makeup (sophisticated bridal updo + glamorous makeup + dressing of the bride)

• Overwater Spa Suite ritual (2-hour treatment + 1-hour relaxation)


You Can add too

• Coral Beach location supplement

• Sunset Motu location supplement

• Catamaran location supplement (15 people) on request

• Catamaran decorations (15 people) on request

• Legal wedding fee

• Traditional pareo as your wedding outfit



• Traditional dancer duo

• Ukulele Duo

• Guitar player

• Guitar player and drummer duo

• 3 Fire dancers and 3 drummers

• Polynesian show (30 minutes)

• A professional classical quartet from Papeete (includes airfare)

• Live band

• Live DJ (3 hours)

• Fireworks (full customisation with heart-shape features and name initials)

• Catamaran under the stars on request

• Temporary Polynesian tattoo by local artist


Wedding Season

French Polynesia Weather – Tahiti, Bora Bora, Moorea
As the lagoon temperature is warm all year round, it’s always a good time to go to Bora Bora! But some months are likely to ensure a superior vacation because you may experience less rain, less wind; or be able to party on low season prices. Bora Bora temperatures are 26°C (80°F) and above, all year round. Lagoon water temperatures, of 26°C (80°F) and above, mean that you can swim every month of the year at the beautiful Bora Bora beaches.

The climate in Tahiti and Her Islands is warm and pleasant for most of the year. Although this is the tropics, the heat is not extreme. A respite is provided by gentle South Pacific Ocean breezes and the north-easterly trade winds. There is only a small variation between daytime and nighttime temperatures, so you can look forward to balmy evenings during most of the year.



Seasons in Bora Bora

Bora Bora weather is officially divided into two seasons, summer (low Season in Bora Bora) and winter (high season in Bora Bora). I like to include a third category, Bora Bora ‘shoulder’ season. Planning to go during the shoulder season is one of the smartest choices you can make.


If you live in the northern hemisphere you may be surprised to know that summer in Bora Bora and winter in Bora Bora are at the opposite time of year to yours. Look on the map and you will see that French Polynesia is south of the equator.



Summer Weather

The Bora Bora summer months are December, January, February and March. Summer is the wet season in Tahiti. During these months there is more chance of rain and the temperatures can be slightly higher. We discovered that there are also times when the temperatures are cooler. Summer is low season for tourists in Bora Bora.



Winter Weather

Bora Bora winter months include June, July, August, September and October. Winter is the dry season in Tahiti and usually has day after day of sunshine and blue skies. Winter is high season in Bora Bora.



Shoulder Season in Bora Bora

The middle months of April through May and November are sometimes referred to as the ‘shoulder’ season. Shoulder season occurs each side of winter, as the weather changes. The moderate days between seasons have some of the best Bora Bora weather.

Your Wedding Day in the resort

Your wedding ceremony begins in your private overwater bungalow suite or beachfront villa estate where, upon request, your photographer and/or videographer will start taking the first shots of your most memorable day. You will then be picked up by our Resort staff and brought to the wedding site by golf cart.


The groom will board a pirogue – a traditional Polynesian canoe – while the bride is escorted by Polynesian staff to the beach for the ceremony. The tradition is that the Vahine (bride) greets the Tane (groom) on the beach as he arrives by canoe. The wedding couple will then be welcomed by Polynesian love songs and traditional dancing.


The Master of Ceremony will unite the couple and the bride and groom will be given a Polynesian name and enveloped in a Tifaifai – a Polynesian quilt – as traditional music celebrates this union. The ceremony concludes with the presentation of a Tahitian marriage certificate.

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