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Terms and Conditions


These GENERAL CONDITIONS govern the relationship between Sunshine Experts Ltd, hereinafter referred to as SUNSHINE EXPERTS, on the one hand, and Users of Internet Sites and Services located on the domain https://mysunshinewedding.com/ (hereinafter referred to as Users) on the other.

SUNSHINE EXPERTS Ltd. is a company registered under the Commercial Law of the Republic of Bulgaria with UIC 204841465, with registered office and address: Sofia 1324, district Lyulin, bl. 103 B, int. B, floor 3, apt. B 2, email address: office@mysunshinewedding.com telephone: +359 887 43 84 62

SUNSHINE EXPERTS Ltd. is registered as a personal data administrator and has a Personal Data Administrator Certificate № 433133

Please read the published Terms and Conditions before using the information and commercial services offered by the site https://mysunshinewedding.com/ (hereinafter referred to as Services). By visualizing https://mysunshinewedding.com/, each User automatically complies with the terms and conditions described below.

This document contains information about the activities of Sunshine Expert Services and the General Terms and Conditions of use of the services provided by Sunshine Experts by arranging the relationship between us and each of our users.

The confirmation of the General Terms and Conditions is a necessary and mandatory condition for the conclusion of the contract between the User and “SUNSHINE EXPERTS”.


Art. 1 The services provided by SUNSHINE EXPERTS to the User are information society services within the meaning of the E-Commerce Act.

Art. 2. “SUNSHINE EXPERTS” is available on the site https://mysunshinewedding.com/, through which the Users have the opportunity to find general information about the services offered by SUNSHINE EXPERTS and to start the process of negotiating an individual order as well as to choose personalized service in the cases explicitly mentioned in the site.


Art. 3 (1) “SUNSHINE EXPERTS” identifies Users of the site by storing log files on the server at https://mysunshinewedding.com/ and at the IP address of the User.

(2) “SUNSHINE EXPERTS” is entitled to collect and use information about Users. The information by which the person can be identified may include name, surname, date of birth, gender, address, telephone, and any other information that the person provides voluntarily upon identification. The information also includes any other information that the User enters, uses or renders upon use of the Services provided by Sunshine Experts.

Art. 4 (1) “SUNSHINE EXPERTS” shall keep and store and shall be responsible for protecting the User’s information that has become known to him regarding the identification – subject of these General Terms and Conditions, except in case of force majeure, accidental occurrence or malicious actions of third parties.

(2) The restrictions under para. 1 shall not apply in the event that SUNSHINE EXPERTS has an obligation to provide personal information about the User to the respective competent state authorities under the current legislation.

Art. 5 (1) “SUNSHINE EXPERTS” shall collect and use the information under Art. 4 for the purposes set forth in these Terms and Conditions, as well as for offering new products and / or services to User (free or paid). The described purposes for which the information is used are not exhaustively listed and do not imply any obligation for “SUNSHINE EXPERTS”.

(2) By accepting these General Terms and Conditions, the User agrees to the processing of his / her personal data for the purposes of direct marketing.

Art. 6 (1) The User may be identified by filling in the respective electronic identification form available on-line on the website of SUNSHINE EXPERTS, agreeing to these General Terms and Conditions and declaring that he is qualified .

(2)When completing the application for identification, the User is obliged to provide complete and correct data about the identity (for individuals), the legal status (for the legal persons) and the other data required by the electronic form of “SUNSHINE EXPERTS” data. The user declares that he agrees to provide the required personal data, ensuring that the data he provides in the process of identification are true, complete and accurate. In the event of false data being provided, SUNSHINE EXPERTS shall have the right to terminate or suspend the provision of services immediately and without notice.


Art. 7 (1) Users may conclude a service contract with “SUNSHINE EXPERTS” in the following ways:

1. By entering into negotiations with SUNSHINE EXPERTS. In this case, the parties individually negotiate the content of the contract individually.

2. Through the site interface by making an online order for explicitly pre-personalized services.

(2) When concluding a contract under para. 1, item 1 the contract shall be deemed to be concluded from the moment of agreement between the parties. (3) Upon conclusion of a contract under para. 1, item 2 the contract shall be deemed to have been concluded from the moment of sending a confirmation from “SUNSHINE EXPERTS”.

(4) In case of impossibility to perform a service “SUNSHINE EXPERTS” reserves the right to refuse the order.

Art. 8 (1) In order to declare an order, the User shall be identified in accordance with the terms and conditions described in these General Terms and Conditions.

(2)It is necessary for the User to choose the method and time of payment of the price.


Art. 9 (1) The prices of services previously personalized by “SUNSHINE EXPERTS” are those listed on the site.

(2) All services, which have no prices described, are subject to individual negotiation between the User and “SUNSHINE EXPERTS”.

(3) The prices of the products include VAT, where the charge is provided for.

Art. 10 “SUNSHINE EXPERTS” reserves the right to change at any time and without notice the prices of the services offered in the online store, as such changes will not affect any orders already made.

Art. 11 (1) “SUNSHINE EXPERTS” may grant discounts for services offered in the online shop in accordance with the Bulgarian legislation and rules set forth by SUNSHINE EXPERTS. The rules applicable to such discounts are available at the place where the discount is shown. Discounts can be provided in a variety of forms (eg promotions, loyalty rewards, provided individually, randomly or as a result of participation in a competition or customer survey).

(2) Different types of discounts can not be combined when ordering and purchasing the same good or service.


Art. 12 (1) The user may pay the price of the ordered services by using one of the options listed on the website of his choice. At https://mysunshinewedding.com/, payment via credit and debit card or PayPal is possible.

Art. 13 If the User opts for a payment method involving a third party payment service provider, the User may be bound by the terms and conditions and / or fees of such third party.

Art. 14 SUNSHINE EXPERTS is not responsible if a payment method involving a third party payment service provider is unavailable or otherwise unavailable for reasons that can not be attributed to SUNSHINE EXPERTS.


Art. 15 (1) The consumer has the right to withdraw the contract without giving any reason, without due compensation or penalty within 14 days from the date of conclusion of the service contract by the User.

(2) In order to use this right under this clause, the Consumer must clearly notify SUNSHINE EXPERTS for his / her decision to withdraw the contract by personalizing the services by providing all the details of the order made, including but not limited to: value of the order, data of the person who made the order and more.

(3) SUNSHINE EXPERTS publishes on its website a form for exercising the right of withdrawal the contract.

(4) For using the right of withdrawal, SUNSHINE EXPERTS shall provide the consumer with the option to fill in and electronically send the standard withdrawal form or other unambiguous application via the website. In these cases, SUNSHINE EXPERTS shall immediately send the user a confirmation of receipt of the refusal on a durable medium.

(5) When in connection with the performance of the contract “SUNSHINE EXPERTS” has incurred costs and the User renounces the contract, SUNSHINE EXPERTS shall have the right to withhold the respective amount of the expenses or to claim their payment.

Art. 16 (1) The consumer is not entitled to withdraw from the contract in the case where the subject of the contract is for the provision of services where the service has been fully provided and its execution has begun with the explicit consent of the consumer and confirmation by him that he knows, that he will lose his right of withdrawal once the contract has been fully executed by the trader;


Art. 17 (1) The user is entitled to claim for any non-conformity of the service with the agreed / ordered.

(2) The complaint shall be submitted orally to the telephone number indicated by SUNSHINE EXPERTS or in writing, by e-mail, by post or by the address of the company. “SUNSHINE EXPERTS” presents on its site access to a claim form.

(3). When a claim is made, the user indicates the subject matter of the claim, the preferred way of claiming the claim, or the amount claimed, and the address, telephone and contact email.

(4) When submitting a claim, the consumer shall also attach the documents on which the claim is based, namely:

1. receipt or invoice;

2. protocols, acts or other documents establishing the non-conformity of the goods or the service with the agreed;

3. other documents establishing the claim on grounds and size.

(5) The making of a claim is not an obstacle to claiming.

(6) “SUNSHINE EXPERTS” maintains a register of complaints. A document is sent to the User at the specified email, indicating the number of the claim from the register and the type of the goods.

(7) When SUNSHINE EXPERTS satisfies the claim, it shall issue an act for this, which shall be drawn up in duplicate, and shall provide one copy to the User.


Art. 18 “SUNSHINE EXPERTS” is entitled, in its sole discretion, without giving notice to unilaterally terminate the contract if it finds that the services provided are used in violation of the present general conditions, the legislation in the Republic of Bulgaria and the generally accepted moral norms.


Art. 19 (1) The intellectual property rights of all materials and resources located on the Sunshine Expert’s website (including the available databases) are subject to copyright under the Copyright and Related Rights Act, belonging to Sunshine Experts or to respectively the designated person who has delegated the right to use the “SUNSHINE EXPERTS” and can not be used in violation of the current legislation.

(2) When copying or reproducing information beyond the admissible and any other violation of the intellectual property rights on the resources of Sunshine Experts, SUNSHINE EXPERTS shall have the right to claim compensation for the direct and indirect damages suffered in full size.

(3) Unless expressly agreed, the User may not reproduce, modify, delete, publish, distribute or otherwise disclose the information resources posted on the Sunshine Experts website.


Art. 20 (1) Except as provided in these General Terms, the contract between the parties shall also terminate upon termination of the activity of Sunshine Experts or termination of maintenance of its website.

Art. 21 Except as outlined above, either party may terminate this Agreement by giving one week’s notice to the other party in the event of failure to perform the obligations under the contract.

Art. 22 The written form of the contract is deemed to be respected by sending an e-mail message, pressing an electronic button on a content page to be filled in or selected by the User or check box on the website, etc. similar, in so far as the statement is recorded technically in a way that enables it to be reproduced.


Article 23. The bodies regulating the activity of SUNSHINE EXPERTS are the Consumer Protection Commission and the Commission for Personal Data Protection (CPDP) with the following coordinates:

About CPC: – Website: https://kzp.bg/kontakti

– phone: 0700 111 22 – email: info@kzp.bg

– address: Sofia, Slaveykov Square, 4A, 3rd, 4th and 6th floor

About CPDP:

– Website: https://www.cpdp.bg/

– wire: 02 / 91-53-518

– email: kzld@cpdp.bg

– address: Sofia 1592, “Prof. 2 Tsvetan Lazarov


Art. 24 (1) Users can use the European Dispute Resolution Online Platform (ODR) available at / http://ec.europa.eu/odr/ – a single access portal allowing EU consumers and traders to settle the disputes that have arisen between them.

(2) Alternative dispute resolution (ADR) between consumers and traders is an out-of-court conciliation procedure on a voluntary basis.

(3) The general conciliation commissions help to reach agreement between consumers and traders in disputes concerning contracts for the sale of goods and the provision of services,

(4) The General Conciliation Commissions are defined on a regional basis, and the competence to resolve disputes between “SUNSHINE EXPERTS” and the User is the General Conciliation Commission of the Commission for Consumer Protection with headquarters in Sofia and the territory of Sofia, Sofia, the Kyustendil region and the Pernik region;

(5) The consolidated list of the recognized ADR authorities of the Member States of the European Union can be found at https://webgate.ec.europa.eu/odr/main/index.cfm?event=main.adr.show


Art. 25 The parties declare that if any of the clauses of these Terms and Conditions prove to be invalid, this will not result in the invalidity of the whole contract or any of its parts. The invalid clause will be replaced by the mandatory rules of the law or established practice.


Art. 26 (1) “SUNSHINE EXPERTS” undertakes to notify Users of any amendment to these General Terms and Conditions within 7 days of the occurrence of this circumstance at the specified by the User email address.

(2) When disagreeing with the amendments to the General Conditions, the User has the right to withdraw from the contract without giving any reason and without indemnity or penalty. In order to exercise this right, the Consumer should notify “SUNSHINE EXPERTS” within one month of receiving the notice under the preceding paragraph.

(3) In the event that the User does not exercise his right to withdraw from the contract under the terms and conditions set forth in these General Terms, the User shall be deemed to have accepted the amendment without objection.


Art. 27 For all issues not covered by these General Terms, the provisions of the applicable legislation of the Republic of Bulgaria shall apply.


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