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Sri Lanka

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Choose a wedding in a beautiful boutique hotel or in a big luxury complex

Wedding Packages

• The wedding packages don’t include hotels, plane tickets or primary transfers.

• The prices of the wedding packages are for the couple only.

• To make the reservation for the wedding and to we need 50 % of the total price of the wedding.

• We have around 35 different packages and options, so please contact us for more information. We can offer an option that will complete your dream and expectations for your special wedding day.

Beautiful Boutique Villas


• Mangala Pavilion

• Garden Canopy

• Four Girls to sing Stanzas of Blessings and to shower Flower Petals

• Ceremonial Dancers & Drummers, Services of Kapuwa, Four Girls to sing

• Wedding Story Book

• Video of the wedding of one-hour duration

• A priest to conduct the ceremony according to the Christian

• A real Elephant in attendance at the ceremony

• Ceremonial Dresses

• Hire of Jewellery

• Hair Dresser



• The Ceremony is compulsory for every wedding.

• The boutique hotel and weddings with a large number of guests may not be possible during certain periods.

• Registration will be conducted by a Government of Sri Lanka authorized person. An official English translation of the certificate will be provided. If the registration is acceptable in your country, we will provide a copy certified by your foreign mission provided such certification is issued by the foreign mission.

If you need consultation and personal offer exactly for your wedding, please contact us here.

Luxury Hotel Complex


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If you need consultation and personal offer exactly for your wedding, please contact us here.

Wedding Season

When is the best time to marry in Sri Lanka?


Sri Lanka is a tropical country so expect lots of blissful sunshine and blue skies practically year-round.


The island has 2 monsoon seasons: the northeast monsoon (December to March), and the southwest monsoon (June to October).


While there are “rainy seasons”, it will pour in the evening and the sun will be out the next day.


Sri Lanka has a few different climates so you can bring a sweatshirt because in the hill the temperature can drop to 14-17 degrees Celsius in the mornings and evenings.

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