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Wedding Horoscope


AstroConsult by Miglena Racheva & My Sunshine Wedding are excited to present one of a kind service especially for you!


Wedding day Horoscope is a unique product based on astrological tradition and your personal charts. What we offer is never seen before analysis of your chart in order to help you choose - best place for the wedding day, best date and hour. Wedding day horoscope will make sure the stars are on your side in the most important day in your life!


Deciding to get married is a big decision for every single person. There is a promise for " Happily ever after……" However, we know sometimes even the best couples do not have a happy marriage. Why is this?

Well, the answer lays in the astrological position of the chart at the time of marriage. With Wedding day horoscope we aim to provide you with the best, most friendly location for your big day, most positive date and time to assure you have the Universe on your side for the big day.

If you are sure where you want to tide the knot, we have a solution for you again….

Wedding day horoscope is the thing for you! Miglena Racheva will advise on best day and time, based on your personal charts in order to make sure you have the support of the stars.

There are plenty of Love horoscopes and Love compatibility horoscopes, these are very informative and useful and we advise you to use them.

Marriage day horoscope is different from many traits.

First, it is created and analysed by an astrologer - Miglena Racheva
Second - it is dedicated to assuring you have the best positions of the stars for this special day!
Next - we want you to feel great and loved on only on the date but for the rest of your life!

AstroConsult is developing this sort of astrological method in order to provide you with a truly long-lasting and loving marriage!

What you will get is written report based on your personal charts with advising where and when to get perform the marriage ritual of your choosing.
There are no limitations related to your gender, place of birth or wanted destination.
The goal here is to bring you as close to " Happily ever after …" as possible.



AstroConsult is a brand owned and managed by Miglena Racheva under her company Astrology Consult Ltd.

Miglena Racheva has 12 years of corporate experience as a Procurement project lead. Miglena has studied Astrology for more than 4 years and is practising as an astrologer since 2018. Because of her passion for astrology and the never-ending desire to help people Miglena came out with this unique approach for marriage counselling. In the course of her consultation practice Miglena has encountered a number of married couples for consultation. She advises on where to renew or reinstate their vows has helped many couples to achieve a healthier relationship.

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