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Our best offers for Iceland


In Iceland, you can experience your dream ice wedding or Enjoy the beautiful nature, waterfalls and glaciers.

Wedding Packages

•  The wedding packages don’t include hotels, plane tickets or primary transfers.

•  The prices of the wedding packages are for the couple only.

•  To make the reservation for the wedding and to we need 50 % of the total price of the wedding.

•  Iceland is a good destination for legal weddings, vow renewals, gay weddings and symbolic weddings.

Wedding packages for a wedding with guests include:

Planning, Paperwork, Celebrant, Good photographer full day, Reception drinks, Full-day private tour with guide for couple and guests on the wedding day, restaurant or hotel reservation for the celebration.


We have available packages for:

•  2 pax – max 8 guests
•  10-20 guests
•  20-30 guests
•  30-40 guests
•  40-60 guests
•  60-100 guests


These wedding packages don’t include hotels, plane tickets or transfers.

If you need FREE consultation and personal offer exactly for your wedding, please contact us here.


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