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How Wedding Day Horoscope can help you to have a successful marriage?

Astrology is the science of stars and how they shape the fate of people. The core of the story about how humankind learned to sow and crop based on the motion of the Sun during the year, navigate the seas with a single guiding star, connect the pregnancy of a woman with the number of new moons, knowing when a King is born based on a star rising in the sky. These are the stories we all know and tell our children since the start of time.


Another story we tell to our children is how we fall in love, get married and have children, how fulfilling and loving this experience was and how magical the whole life is since we have welcomed love, partnership and romance in our lives. Usually, we skip the part where something got wrong on our wedding day or how worried we were, and exhausted of all the organization, guests list, figuring out dates and times. We want to tell the story of love and how we told the World we are happy together.

As always stars are on our side once again and even more than ever. Wedding day horoscope uses best of the Astrology tradition and a whole new way of looking at the position of the stars. What AstroConsult uses is a combination of methods to find the best possible position in the sky strictly for your big day? This is not a horoscope about why to get married, is this is the right partner, are we ever getting married… No! You already know you want to get married the questions we answer is where and when. This is a really significant question, especially for destination weddings. Everyone, who dreams for an exotic wedding on a tropical island or just exciting wedding destination, has the possibility to be flexible with the destiny and to dare the best to come in their marriage with choosing the right destination or date. But why is it so important?

Let’s start with “Where?”.

There are a couple of aspects to this question. First, it is about where you would feel good, where the best planets in your natal chart will unlock their potential and be in support on the day of the marriage. This principle is known as Astro-Relocation. You could be living in a great place for work, buying a house or similar however with the Astro-Relocation we can choose a special place for you to activate your Moon, this will allow you to feel a deep emotional connection with your loved one, or activate your Venus – feeling loved and also project love, activate your Neptune – the most romantic and enlightening planet in the chart, good placement for rich ritual of true soul connection.

Not only you personally have an astrological chart but so does your relationship. This is another important point to the answer of why the place of marriage is so critical. Your relationship will also undergo a change with matrimonial ritual – this is a symbolic birth of the marriage so placement of the marriage will affect your destiny individually and as a couple. How the marriage location will influence your personal chart is also taken into consideration when Wedding Day Horoscope is created, in other words, we look for beneficial locations that work in your favour.

Next question we answer with Wedding Day Horoscope is “When”?

Traditional astrology can predict possible times when marriage will happen, however, placement of the start at the date of marriage is also critical. This is again an old tradition that we lean on and further develop by looking at the best possible day according to your relationship horoscope. The benefit of this approach is again to assure the stars work for a long and happy marriage. There is, of course, nothing certain in life, and we cannot cast a spell but we can make sure all beneficial positions are in place for your relationship to develop and transform into an intimate bond. You can keep this for future reference and make serious decisions regarding buying a house, moving to a new house, buying a car or taking a loan for the family based on this chart. We at AstroConsult shall include an explanation of the most critical positions and why we chose to have them this way for you personally in order to further grow your dedication to each other and start a strong family.

What is important to understand about this astrological method is that we evaluate what influence the act of marriage has on each of you personally and on your relationship- also known as Composite chart. Taking the Composite chart along with transits for time and place reveals how the act of marriage can harm the relationship. Our goal is to have it straightened, to assure no major bad influences are in place and no obstacles occur.

Hope by now you understand how important it is to choose carefully when and where to pledge to each other.
When planning the big day you should not have any doubts, one way to make sure your dream destination is the right for you is by using the Wedding Day Horoscope.

We look at the full picture and building a horoscope for the Wedding Day to create a base for a happy marriage.

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